Crouch backs independent regulator that may transform English football

Independent regulator that could transform English football is backed by Government after MP Tracey Crouch’s fan-led review, with Premier League told to agree a new funding deal with EFL or have one imposed on them

  • Government are set to confirm their support for Tracey Crouch’s fan-led review
  • EFL welcomed the findings but Premier League clubs are likely to resist them
  • If they do resist, the deal will be imposed on them by new independent regulator

Premier League clubs have been warned to agree a new funding deal with the EFL within the next 18 months or have one imposed on them by a new independent regulator.

The Government will today confirm their support in principle for the findings of MP Tracey Crouch’s fan-led review, which recommended the creation of a new independent regulator for English football when it was published last night.

The precise scope of the new regulator will be determined by Government, but it could revolutionise English football if some of the review’s more radical recommendations are implemented.

Tracey Crouch’s (Pictured)  fan-led review is set to be supported by the Government 

They include a new, 10 per cent levy on transfers between Premier League clubs and overseas sides to be handed to EFL clubs, the overhaul of the parachute payment system for relegated teams and powers to stop owners’ spending and reduce clubs’ wage bills if the regulator considers them reckless.

The review also called for a new beefed-up owners’ and directors’ test to include an assessment of character, the creation of an equality and diversity plan and for fans to be put on so-called ‘shadow boards’ to be given control over legacy issues.

The review stopped short of insisting that the regulator immediately impose a new redistribution mechanism on clubs, but said it should retain ‘back-stop’ powers to be used if the Premier League and EFL fail to agree a deal by the time it is formally set up, which is expected to be before the start of the 2023-24 season.

Premier League clubs could soon face regulation if they agree to a new funding deal with EFL

The EFL broadly welcomed the review’s findings but Premier League clubs are likely to resist them. EFL chairman Rick Parry lent his support to the review’s proposals, saying: ‘It is pleasing to see the review conclude additional distributions from the top of the game are needed alongside appropriate cost controls to support football in this country and we look forward to advancing discussions with the Premier League regarding a restructure of the funding model that works for the whole game.

‘Clearly this extends to addressing the outdated parachute payment system that currently distorts finances in the EFL and I am heartened that Tracey Crouch and her team agree these should be reformed.’

In a statement last night, the Premier League said: ‘It is important to everyone that any reforms do not damage our game, its competitive balance or the levels of current investment.’

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