Danny Murphy recognised by spear-carrying tribe because they are Liverpool fans

Match Of The Day pundit Danny Murphy was recognised by a remote spear-carrying tribe in Africa – who were Liverpool fans.

The ex-England ace said they praised him for scoring a free-kick against rivals Manchester United. Danny, 45, explained: “I was in Kenya in the Maasai Mara with the family – wonderful place, no phone service, out in the wilderness living in glorified tents.

“The guy who was looking after us asked was everything going well, and I said, ‘Phenomenal. Fantastic. There’s just one thing: you couldn’t get me the football scores, could you?’ He told me to come with him, so we went off through the main camp, past where the staff worked and lived.

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“We ended up in this brick building with a corrugated iron roof, like a very large shed.” Danny said it was at that point he was clocked by a tooled up tribesman – who happened to be a Reds supporter.

He continued: “As I walked in there were about 30 Maasai in there. They were not dressed up for the kids, they were proper Maasai.
“There was a bucket of beers and a telly the size of my iPad on a chest of drawers. You could hardly see it, but on it was the football. They were all watching Liverpool playing Southampton.

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“I honestly did not think for a second that I’d do anything other than go in, have a beer and watch the match. But almost the moment I walk in, one of them turns around and points at me with his spear and says, ‘Danny Murphy. Free-kick. Liverpool. Manchester United’.”

In new book Red On Red, Danny admitted he gets collared about his famous strike around the globe.

He added: “I have travelled all over the world, and everywhere I’ve been on the planet, a Liverpool person, a Liverpool supporter or a football supporter will mention the Manchester United goals.”


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