DeChambeau hits huge 416 YARD bomb at the long drive championship

Beefy Bryson DeChambeau smashes huge 416-YARD bomb as he makes incredible leap from a starring role at the Ryder Cup to an impressive top-eight finish at the Long Drive World Championship

  • Bryson DeChambeau matched up against the world’s biggest hitters in Nevada 
  • He took a round 8 finish in the Drivers Association World Championship 
  • DeChambeau competed in the event fresh off the back of his Ryder Cup heroics 

Bryson DeChambeau has this week proven without doubt that his big hitting exploits are not just hot air, after he defeated some of the planet’s finest in the Long Drivers Association World Championships.

DeChambeau opted to enter the event after becoming without doubt the longest hitter in professional golf, and took to the Nevada desert go test his abilities against the world’s most lethal ball strikers.

Naturally the American star, fresh off the back of his Ryder Cup heroics, attracted huge crowds and reciprocated the attention by pumping up the audience and encouraging a party-like atmosphere.

Bryson DeChambeau wowed the crowds in Nevada with a stunning display of driving ability

The golf superstar attracted huge crowds which provided a party-like atmosphere at the event

Whistles and applause cracked the air as DeChambeau unleashed a quite remarkable 417yard mega-drive to instantly better his opponents on the field.

DeChambeau whipped through the ball on the tee with ferocious pace and immediately pushed ahead of his fellow competitors in a gauntlet group in his first set of the day, including Martin Borgmeier, Nick Vorbeck and Kyle Berkshire.

The PGA superstar would ultimately lose out as reigning world champion Berkshire retained his crown.

A pumped up DeChambeau roared at the crowds following his sublime 406 yard rocket

DeChambeau achieved a round eight finish, fresh off the back of his Ryder Cup heroics

In his opening set however DeChambeau had played off the hysteria of the crowd by striking long drive of 417 yards – downgraded to 416.

He would go on to post long drives of 406, 386, 403, 396 and 394 in his five sets, with his final shot worth a victory in set five, propelling him into the next round.

DeChambeau made it to the final eight competitors by hammering balls with blistering pace 400 yards or more at the right times – including one of 406 yards in his first set Friday.

Keeping consistent, DeChambeau found himself hitting the high 300s and securing much-needed points in the final day’s early round-robin format. 

He finished eighth in that round to advance to the quarterfinals. 

At the Ryder Cup DeChambeau was in stunning form and drove a par four green on final day

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