El Hadji Diouf’s bulked-up look stuns fans as he watches England vs Senegal

El Hadji Diouf briefly appeared on ITV's World Cup coverage of England vs Senegal – with fans quick to point out the new bulked-up look of the former striker.

The former Liverpool, Rangers and Blackburn Rovers man is currently in an advisory role with his former national side, sitting on the bench for the round of 16 encounter in Al Bayt.

Popping up on TV coverage early in the first-half, Twitter reacted not only to his appearance at the game but also his new look.

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One fan said: "El Hadji Diouf piled on some muscle there."

A second agreed: "El Hadji Diouf? El HENCH Diouf."

A third posted: "El Hadji Diouf looking buff."

Diouf was in the news before the game with criticism of England, whom he believed were taking the last 16 clash for granted by looking forward to a quarter-final.

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He said: "I never say Senegal can’t win. It reminds me of when we play against France: they win the game before they play it and I think England today do the same thing, which is good for us."

Diouf noted Senegal's famous win over France in 2002 as a reason for the African nation to be optimistic, but they fell 2-0 down before the break.

With Jude Bellingham running the show, Jordan Henderson scored the opener with Harry Kane smashing home his first goal of tournament just before the break.

Former England man Matt Upson told BBC Sport of the second goal: "What a goal from England. There are so many positives about that move. England were set brilliantly for the counter attack.

"Bellingham's body language and presence in this game. He touches it and goes past the Senegalese player.

"He has a touch, sees the pass, lays it off and then Kane doesn't disappoint. That finish isn't easy. His composure is brilliant for someone who hasn't scored in this tournament yet and he buries it into the corner."


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