ESPN Colombia analyst escapes without injury after piece of TV set collapses on top of him

An ESPN Colombia analyst has emerged unscathed after being struck by a falling piece of the set during a Tuesday show.

Carlos Orduz was hit by what appeared to be a large monitor while sitting at a desk with other members of the “ESPN FC Radio” panel. They expressed immediate concern once they realized what had happened, and the camera quickly cut away from Orduz.

In the video below, you can hear someone on the set telling Orduz to remain calm before the show went to a commercial break.

Fortunately for Orduz, he did not sustain any serious injuries. In a tweet sent out Wednesday, Orduz informed viewers that he took a shot to the nose when his face slammed against the desk, but he did not suffer a fracture.

“To those who wrote to me and greeted me about the accident last night, I must tell you that I am fine, thank God after the medical check-up, the respective examinations, any issue was ruled out, only a bruise and a blow to the nose (no fracture),” Orduz said (via a Twitter translation). “Greetings and thanks.”

Orduz also shared a video showing that he was doing just fine after the incident.

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