Fans all say the same thing as Aston Villa unveil new club crest

‘Congrats on your Chelsea badge’: Fans poke fun at Aston Villa’s new club crest for their ‘remake’ of the Blues’ logo and blast it as ‘AWFUL’ after supporters voted on a new design for next season

  • Aston Villa revealed their new club crest ahead on Thursday’s game
  • Fans were asked to vote on two designs that had been shortlisted 
  • The winner, a round design with a lion facing forwards, won with 77 per cent 
  • Fans immediately took to social media to compare it to that of Chelsea  

The majority of football fans had the same reaction on social media after Aston Villa revealed their new cub crest ahead of Thursday’s game against Manchester united.

The new badge, which will be used, from the 2023/24 season, was the result of ‘an extensive period of fan consultation, creative exploration and crafting’.

Two designs were shortlisted with supporters of the club voting overwhelmingly (77 per cent) in favour of the winner, a round crest which pays homage to their 1982 European Cup triumph.

Aston Villa’s new badge (left) looks strikingly similar to Chelsea’s current club crest 

Now rounded, it feature’s the club’s lion in the blue center with the words ‘Aston Villa’ and the year the club was founded, 1874, in the claret rim.

But the design, in which the lion which now also faces forwards instead of back, has led to many saying that it is strikingly similar to another Premier League side.

Chelsea’s club crest is also made up of two circles with a lion in the middle with the club’s name at the top.

‘Congrats on your new Chelsea badge,’ wrote one fan while other joked that Villa had ‘copied their homework’.

Another tweeted: ‘from this day going forward I will call Aston Villa the purple Chelsea’.

Some were more heavy in their criticism with one writing ‘Villa’s new badge is awful, another fallen soldier’.

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