Fans gobsmacked as TV show spookily foresaw Super League disgrace in 1994

Footage from an old BBC2 programme 'Standing Room Only' has gone viral after predicting the formation of a European Super League over 25 years ago.

Broadcast in 1994, the show asked experts, insiders and authors to provide their views on how football would look in 2004- ten years on from when the programme was recorded.

A number of the comments have become extremely relatable following recent events involving the Premier League's 'big six', which involved England's elite attempting to breakaway from the top-flight.

The first to provide his analysis was Neil Duncanson, a managing director at a TV company.

"If you think television is too powerful in sport now, in ten years time you won't believe the control that they will have," he predicted.

"Television will run football completely in the next century. He [a supporter] will watch it on his own local Newcastle cable station because the BBC or ITV won't be able to afford the rights to the game."

Another guest on the show shared his concerns regarding the role supporters will play in football, stating: "In ten years' time, the fans will be incidental. If they are part of the equation, it will only be because the television companies want them to provide the spectacular background to bring pictures into millions of homes."

During the BBC clip, a news presenter is also shown introducing a live game as though the year is 2004.

"Welcome to Magpie TV. Tonight you'll watch Barcelona against Newcastle United in the European Super League," he said.

Real Madrid present Florentino Perez- the man spearheading the plans for a European Super League- made clear that this recent project is targeting an alternative profile to loyal supporters of clubs he described as 'legacy fans'.

A change in attitude towards fanbases was also forecasted in the programme by the author of an Arsenal fanzine.

"The new style of fan will see losing as a sign of failure and will not want to turn up. The hardcore support, that always carries a club through its leaner times, will have gone. They will be priced out, to be replaced by people who are really just glory hunters," he said.

"If this is the future of football, you can stuff it."

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