Fantasy football loser forced to take blow-up sex doll on Zizzi date in forfeit

A fantasy football loser was forced to take a blow-up doll on a date after finishing rock bottom in his league.

While some Fantasy Premier League players have to pay a fine for finishing last in their private leagues, one unfortunate player was seen suffering a cruel forfeit on TikTok. The man was forced to take a naked blow-up sex doll to a Zizzi restaurant, in one of the most savage punishments seen to date.

His friends sat a few tables away recording the unbelievable scenes, before he recorded himself blowing up the inflatable doll in the toilet and bringing it to his table for a not-so-romantic Italian meal.

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The unlucky footy fan, dressed up in a shirt and tie, sat opposite 'Shelley' the sex doll while he enjoyed a pizza. Despite the obvious embarrassment, he seemed to revel in the forfeit and even enjoyed a cheeky glass of wine.

Things got even more bizarre when he reached across the table to give her a cheeky kiss, followed by a slap. But it all proved too much for management, who kicked both he and Shelley out as other diners watched on in amusement.

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He threw the doll to the floor once outside of the restaurant. And Shelley momentarily appeared to have a new home as one lucky passer-by seemed interested, before returning it back to our Fantasy loser after having second-thoughts about wanting to be associated with such failure.

Eventually, the restaurant manager went outside and confiscated the doll, bringing the hilarious show to an end. And while he was certainly a good sport, we're absolutely sure the fantasy football casualty will be far more cautious with his team selections next season to avoid a second date with an anthropomorphic sex toy.


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