Footballer’s play-acting antics backfire as he rolls around on top of ants’ nest

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A Brazilian footballer who attempted to fake an injury was soon found out – after he landed on top of an ants' nest.

One of the most bizarre moments possible on a football field happened in a Brazilian Serie D match between Crato and Sao Paulo Crystal on Saturday. Crato defender Ramon Santos pretended to be injured following a foul and as rolled around, but once he realised he was on top of an ants' nest, he quickly stood up.

He then couldn't stop itching himself after feeling stings and was even forced to leave the playing field to receive treatment. He was assisted by a member of the team who splashed him with water in bid to help relieve some of his pain.

Although he took back to the field to take free-kick, the entire moment was caught on camera and the video has gone viral on social media. One person wrote on Twitter: "The saying 'ants in your pants' takes on a whole new meaning."

A second then added: "The good thing is that ants cured his injury, as he rolled around in pain." A third continued: "If it wasn't for the ants nest, he would still be down on the pitch."

While another responded: "Nothing else cures an injury so fast," and a fifth concluded: "You can not love a Serie D match," implying that something similar had occurred before.

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Santos, who was able to continue for the rest of the game, helped his side to a 1-1 draw as his side sit bottom of the Campeonato Cearense standings. After the game, the 28-year-old was asked about the ants incident.

He said: "You saw it, right? I fell on top of the ants' nest and felt very itchy. What an agony that was! But the most important is coming away with a point."

The defender was then asked about what was more difficult to overcome, the itchiness from the ants or Sao Paulo Crystal, which he replied: "Sao Paulo Crystal, for sure!"

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