Gareth Southgate labels 'ridiculous treatment' of Harry Maguire a JOKE

Gareth Southgate labels the ‘ridiculous treatment’ of Harry Maguire a ‘JOKE’ as the defender is heckled by Scottish fans throughout the second half at Hampden Park… after scoring an own goal during England’s 3-1 win

  • Harry Maguire scored an unfortunate own goal as England beat Scotland 3-1
  • Scotland fans heckled and jeered at the Man United star during the second half
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Gareth Southgate has branded the narrative of ridicule that has engulfed Harry Maguire’s career ‘a joke’.

Maguire was heckled by Scotland fans throughout the second half of England’s 3-1 win following his half-time introduction.

The howling from Scotland supporters intensified after Maguire scored and own goal.

But the England defender, who has also been booed in the past by his own fans, was given a positive reception by travelling fans after the final whistle.

And Southgate passionately defended Maguire saying: ‘It is a consequence of ridiculous treatment of him for a long period of time, frankly, and I think our fans recognised, “Ok there might be a bit of heat from our own supporters but we are not going to have it from others getting into him.”

Gareth Southgate branded the narrative of ridicule that has engulfed Harry Maguire’s career ‘a joke’ after England cruised to a 3-1 victory against Scotland at Hampden Park on Tuesday night

The Manchester United centre-back came on at half-time and scored an unfortunate own goal 

‘But it is a joke. I have never known a player to be treated the way he is, not from the Scottish fans by our own commentators, pundits, whatever it is, they have created something that is beyond anything I have ever seen.

‘He has been an absolute stalwart for us in the second most successful English team for decades, he has been an absolutely key part of that.

‘He goes on the field the resilience he shows, the balls he shows is absolutely incredible so he is a top player and we are all with him. Our fans were brilliant with him tonight.’

The night was marred by trouble between both sets of fans. Eye-witness reports have indicated that England supporters were struck by missiles thrown by Scotland fans positioned above them.

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Southgate has continued to pick Maguire despite his lack of minutes at Manchester United


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