Harry Kane could win Euro 2020 Golden Boot – both he and Gareth Southgate have shown balls

Harry Kane is up and running and it wouldn’t surprise me if he wins the Golden Boot at the Euros now.

I’ve never seen a player before who can be so poor on a Saturday and then walk off with the match ball on a Tuesday.

But that’s what Kane is like. There’s an art to that. He has that confidence about him.

Now he’s got his goal I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets two or three against Ukraine, and lets face it, he’s playing every minute of every game from now on.

This isn’t the group stage any more where you can take him off. This is knockout football – and he’s our best penalty taker. He stays on the pitch.

England should be in the final now. There are no excuses. The draw has opened up like a dream.

If we go all the way Kane is going to get a lot of chances to score. He’s been well marked so far and we haven’t made him enough chances.

But he worries defenders. They fear him. And they should because he is a world class striker who could easily end up scoring a hat-trick at this tournament.

He’s been criticised a lot for his performances but it’s because he sets such a high standard.

I mean, he ended the season at Tottenham as the top scorer and top assist maker in the Premier League.

He just doesn’t let anything affect his confidence. He is mentally strong and he deserved his goal against Germany.

I thought the fans were brilliant in that game. They really stuck with the team – just like I hoped they would.

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I said in my last column that we need to be patient and keep supporting when things get difficult in a game, and the fans did that.

It’s at the stage now where you can start to believe England can do it. It’s not a false hope any more.

Even at the World Cup when we got to the semi final, we still had to beat two good teams to win it.

Now though, the teams we’ve all been waxing lyrical about are gone. France are out. Portugal have gone. Germany as well.

Now, it would be so disappointing if we don’t get to the final. The pressure has changed now. It’s intensified.

If we’d lost to Germany, Gareth Southgate would probably be out of a job.

But he showed he’s got balls with the team he picked, and we won the game. Did he get it right?

I’m not sure – because we didn’t win the game until he finally brought Jack Grealish on.

But I like that he did it his own way. That he didn’t bow to the pressure. England have had some big-name managers in the past who have.

Gareth took a chance knowing he’d get slaughtered if it went wrong. He doesn’t care. He wanted to leave out Grealish and Phil Foden and he did.

Personally I think one of them has got to play in the next game – but if you asked me to pick Gareth’s team I’d probably get four or five wrong!

Pickford has cut out errors to be shining light

Jordan Pickford has kept four clean sheets at the Euros so he is obviously doing something right.

I really like him as a goalkeeper. He made an outstanding save from Kai Havertz in the Germany game.

He has cut out his mistakes and looks really calm and in control at the moment. It’s good to see.

He still looks like he has that switch in his head where he thinks he’s been standing around too long and needs to do something special to justify why he’s in the team.

But what I like about him is that when the ball has to go, he hasn’t messed about. He’s launched it.

Sometimes when he rolls it to John Stones you think: ‘Is this the day Stones is going to get himself in trouble with a Cruyff turn.’

But Pickford has ignored him and launched it instead and his kicking is so good he can hit people and get us going when he goes direct.

To be fair, Stones has been outstanding so far as well, and Harry Maguire has helped calm things down. It’s working.

Denmark would be a dangerous opponent

Denmark would be a dangerous opponent for England. They’ve scored four goals in each of their last two games.

We have this thing against Scandinavian teams where we sometimes struggle and they’re athletic, disciplined and have some top players.

If we get past Ukraine, it won’t be easy. But you’d rather play the Czech Republic.

We’ve already beaten them even though we didn’t play very well, and we would have a psychological advantage there.

But Denmark are on a mission because of Christian Eriksen. The neutrals are rooting for them, and they have played very well.

They put an extra man in midfield when they saw their system wasn’t working against Wales, and absolutely ripped them to shreds.

I think they will beat the Czechs. They should have been leading against Belgium in the group stage and then Kevin De Bruyne came on and changed it.

But let’s be honest, if it’s Denmark and we can’t beat them in a semi final, we can’t call this a Golden Generation.

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