Hysaj sparks FURIOUS reaction from ultras for initiation song

New Lazio signing Elseid Hysaj sparks a FURIOUS reaction from club ultras for singing left-wing anthem ‘Bella Ciao’ during his initiation, as fans unfurl a huge banner calling the defender a ‘worm’ and proudly declaring the Serie A giants ‘fascist’

  • Albanian full-back Elseid Hysaj was filmed singing ‘Ciao Bella’ at his initiation
  • He was surrounded by his new Lazio team-mates outside a restaurant 
  • The song is a famous anthem for workers and seen as politically left wing
  • Ultras have been enraged and hit back with a banner calling Hysaj a ‘worm’

Lazio ultras have been enraged by the choice of song new full-back Elseid Hysaj made at his initiation. 

Footage was shared, and swiftly deleted, by midfielder Luis Alberto who was laughing along with other Lazio players outside a restaurant when Hysaj stood on a chair to belt out ‘Bella Ciao’. 

The tune is historically seen as a left-wing anthem – the opposite to Lazio’s die hard fans who align themselves on the far right. 

Luis Alberto posted a video of new team-mate Elseid Hysaj singing ‘Bella Ciao’

Lazio ultras unfurled a banner in Rome calling Hysaj a worm and saying the club are fascist

‘Bella Ciao’ was sung by partisans who fought against the Nazis and Benito Mussolini’s dictatorship.  

It is associated with the movement that liberated Italy from fascism and the Lazio ultras are seething. They have put up a banner displayed on the bridge of Corso Francia in Rome, one of the most visible points in the Eternal City. 

It reads: ‘Hysaj is a worm, Lazio are fascist.’ 

One Lazio supporter, Franco Costantino, told Adn Kronos: ‘Historically ours is a far-right fan base and we are proud of it. 

‘Bella Ciao sung with the Lazio shirt is something out of this world, Hysaj made a mistake. He has no excuses.’

The jovial video showed the 27-year-old defender belting out the words while checking the lyrics on his phone before passionately shaking his fists at the climax. 

Alberto could also be seen singing along, as could a number of the other players but it is Hysaj who is in the ultras’ crosshairs.  

According to Calciomercato in Italy, a group of ultras went to the restaurant to confront Hysaj but the team had already left by the time they arrived. 

They are said to have then arranged a meeting with him, Lazio sporting director Igli Tare and a group of police officers outside the team hotel.  

Lazio supporters are politically aligned to the right historically and their ultras are infamous

Whether tensions were soothed over the course of that meeting remains to be seen and Hysaj could face a fierce reception in his first game at the Stadio Olimpico.  

The Albania captain joined Lazio as a free agent after his contract at Napoli expired this summer, moving north to the capital. 

Maurizio Sarri, Lazio’s manager and former Chelsea boss, is said to have been unhappy that the ultras have been allowed to interfere with his players. 

Hysaj played for Napoli for six years before his contract at the Italian club expired 

And the club released the following statement: ‘It is the job of a Club to protect its player and remove him from situations where he is being used for personal and political gain.

‘In this case they certainly had nothing to do with the informal and friendly context of the incident. 

‘The training retreat must continue in the climate of calm that we enjoyed up until today.’

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