Ibrahimovic’s top supercars as star attends Milan Fashion Week in slick Porsche

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is swagger and confidence personified – he was never going to be content with one humble motor.

The football icon’s personality is harnessed and expressed through his jaw dropping fleet of cars that would leave the biggest car aficionado in a pool of sweat. In fact, one of the legendary Swede’s most iconic stories was his brazen, but undoubtedly cool, decision to ignore Barcelona’s ban of driving sports cars to training by roaring into the car park in his Ferrari Enzo.

His ostentatious car collection shows no sign of reducing, as the AC Milan forward demonstrated at Milan fashion week when he arrived in his flashy Porsche. And after the former Manchester United’s star’s ice cool entrance into the Italian fashion extravaganza, Daily Star Sport has a gander at his impressive collection of wheels.

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Last year's summer signing:

Last year, Ibrahimovic was delighted to announce the new arrival of his jaw-dropping Ferrari Sf90 Stradale. For the hefty price of £400,000, Ibrahimovic treated himself to one of Ferrari’s first forays into the world of electric cars.

His new birthday present can accelerate from 0-60mph at a face-pulling speed of 211mph. Most individuals his age would bulk at the thought of somebody buying themselves a Ferrari experience when they reach the 40 mark – but, as he would likely take great pleasure in reminding you, there is only one Zlatan!

Simply Red

When everybody sits down and wonders what they would nab for themselves if they struck lucky on the Euro millions, a classic red Ferrari is the simple, but yet so delightful, car that comes to mind. Of course, with the way things are going, these imaginary reveries of fortune spending could soon be exchanged for a full month of central heating.

However, the only classic thing about Zlatan’s Ferrari Enzo is the classic blood red colour of his motor itself. There are only 400 Enzos on planet earth, and Ibrahimovic is one of the illustrious few who has one of them in his garage. However, he is very rarely seen floating about in his collector’s item, that can cost as much as £1m at an auction.


Current knocker

Many middle-aged fathers assess the quality of a car by its capacity to store and carry a fridge freezer. And Zlatan’s current knocker suggests he carries those same practical fatherly instincts. However, his choice of everyday wheels is on the complete opposite side of the middle age father spectrum as he drives his £160,000 Lamborghini Urus to training in Milan.

At a towering 6ft 5inches, Ibrahimovic is in need of a bit of space and his gigantic supercar offers him just that. And when it comes to motors, great players think alike as Cristiano Ronaldo is also seen driving to Manchester United’s Carrington training base with the same model car.

The most pricey

A Ferrari style pattern underpins his audacious car collection. But Ibrahimovic’s creme de la creme, as far as his garage is concerned, is his majestic Ferrari Monza SP2.

This truly rare beauty cost him £1.4m and is reportedly capable of reaching 60mph in only 2.9 seconds. He is one of only 499 people on the entire planet who possess the keys to one of these truly spectacular cars.

Italian beauty

He loves their fashion, he loves their football teams, he loves their food, but Ibrahimovic’s love of Italy is most evident in his taste for their cars. In 2011, he bought an elegant GranTurismo MC Stradale that set him back around £92,000.

Under the hood of the elegant motor is a powerful 450 hp V8 engine capable of reaching speeds of up to 187mph.

The Patriots' Car

During an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Ibrahimovic emphasised his love of his homeland Sweden by stating that he filled his Los Angeles apartment with furniture from Ikea when he initially moved to the MLS. In similar fashion, Ibrahimovic is an ambassador for Volvo and has been the main star in the car manufacturer’s advertisement campaigns.

But during his spell at Manchester United, Ibrahimovic proved himself as a true Volvo ambassador by driving their £52,000 XC90 model to training and parking it amongst the more flashier motors of his teammates. A true and noble for steed for an equally true and noble Swede!

The Porsche from the top shelf

Ibrahimovic’s eye for cars appears to resembles a football mad child’s eye for Match Attacks – the rarer the better! In 2014. He once treated himself to a £700,000 Porsche Spyder that sold out completely in 2015.

Only 918 models were made of the supercar and Ibrahimovic ensured he was at the front of the queue.


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