IN THE MONEY: Everton deny 'safe rooms' plans for new stadium

IN THE MONEY: It’s panic on and off the pitch at Everton after club deny ‘safe rooms’ are being installed in their new stadium… PLUS, the mystery surrounding Erling Haaland’s agent

  • The Toffees have denied that their new £760m stadium will have ‘safe rooms’ 
  • A stadium industry source told Mail Sport he had stood in one of the rooms 
  • Plus, the mystery surrounding the late and legendary football agent Mino Raiola

Everton have denied that their new £760m Bramley Moore Dock stadium has had one or more panic rooms fitted, after a stadium industry source told Mail Sport he had personally had a recent guided tour of the site, and stood in one of the rooms himself.

What makes this Everton Stadium Mystery all the more perplexing is that the source was told by a senior member of the construction team that Everton owner Farhad Moshiri had requested these panic rooms, aka ‘safe rooms’ or ‘secure rooms’, and they could be equipped with protective elements including a secure communication line plus a back-up electricity generator.

Everton initially told Mail Sport: ‘Our stadium director has confirmed there is structural reinforcement to a cohort of rooms within the stadium. That is in that we are not using concrete blocks for internal wall construction, we are using reinforced concrete.’

Moshiri may never get to see these rooms, whatever they are, because Everton could be sold soon. Our source says Moshiri, who turned 68 last month, instructed builders to fit out steel-reinforced panic rooms in each of the south, west and east stands at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds. 

It is understood these rooms are each about four metres square. Panic rooms are typically used by celebrities or high net-worth individuals who fear they might be targeted by intruders entering their homes or who feel they might come under attack or be at risk of kidnap or assassination.

Everton have denied suggestions their new stadium will be installed with ‘safe rooms’

A stadium industry source told Mail Sport they had stood within one of the ‘safe rooms’ in their new £760m Bramley Moore Dock stadium

Famous panic room owners include Madonna, Serena Williams, and George Clooney and his wife Amal. Madonna had a $2m panic room installed in her Los Angeles office with five-inch metal walls, TV monitors and food and water to last for days.

Clooney and Amal have a panic room in their Berkshire mansion, while Serena Williams has a panic room in her LA pile.

Toffees fans have repeatedly protested against owner Moshiri and the club’s board this season.

Chief executive Denise Barrett-Baxendale and chairman Bill Kenwright have not attended a home game since January amid the unrest.

When Mail Sport asked Everton again how many rooms were in the ‘reinforced cohort’ and why would the construction guide refer to three rooms being reinforced, in line with their status as secure rooms, a spokesman said: ‘I’m not sure how much more I can provide, other than the very clear, unequivocal fact that the Everton Stadium does not have specially incorporated panic/safe rooms.’


Brendan Rodgers was sacked in April only after Leicester had fallen into the relegation zone.

The month before, the club’s financial accounts had said: ‘The directors monitor the performance of both management and players and have a proven record of making changes where required.’ Whoops. Too late.

Leicester should’ve acted sooner when sacking former manager Brendan Rodgers


The late football agent Mino Raiola was a legendary figure in the game, representing stars including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba and Erling Haaland before his death last year.

But has he kept his biggest trick for a time he is no longer with us? In January this year, more than nine months after he died, Raiola was registered as a person with significant control (PSC) of Une Limited, a company newly incorporated at Companies House. The firm was registered by a London-based tax specialist.

This person has declined, on the record at least, to provide any explanation for Raiola being named as a PSC, although it is understood they believe no wrongdoing has occurred.

Sarah Gardiner, interim head of the body that would investigate such anomalies (the Taxation Disciplinary Board) wrote in an email that the TDB ‘will be investigating’.

The late and legendary football agent Mino Raiola (right) has left a mystery beyond his death

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