Iran coach Carlos Quieroz launches extraordinary attack on own fans

World Cup: England fans react to comprehensive victory over Iran

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Iran manager Carlos Quieroz has claimed some of his team’s supporters ‘should have stayed at home’ after suggesting they did not support the team during their 6-2 defeat in the World Cup to England. The national anthem was booed by some of those in the stadium as Iranians took a stand against their government with nationwide protests taking place after the death of 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini. 

Iran is in a state of political turmoil with nationwide protests taking place following the death of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old was in police custody at the time after being arrested for a breach of the Islamic dress code. Her tragic fate at the hands of Iran’s ruling regime intensified strong resentment and fury over the oppression of women’s rights and freedom of expression in the country.

The Iranian Government have been widely condemned for their response to the protests with the Human Rights Activists News Agency stating that at least 402 have been killed, including at least 58 children. 16,813 people have been arrested as the Government looks to harshly clamp down on dissenting voices. 

The nation’s tensions were clear during Iran’s 6-2 defeat to England with players refusing to sing their national anthem and boos coming from the stands. Banners could also be seen in the stands through the game with the words ‘women’, ‘freedom’ and life written onto the Iranian flag. 

However, Iran coach Queiroz did not agree with the supporters’ actions, suggesting they should not have come to watch the game if they were not going to cheer on the team. 

“Why did they come here to be against the team?” he asked reporters after the match. “It’s much better that they just stay at home.” He was later pushed on what he had meant by that and doubled down on his stance suggesting they ‘were not welcome’ to support his side. 

Meanwhile, England manager had different reasons for being unhappy with the events of match, suggesting his side will need to be better to beat the USA in their next match after conceding two sloppy goals.

“I’m a bit fed up with the end of it, really,” Southgate told BBC Sport in his post-match interview. “To win by that margin and play as we did, we have to be happy. The players prepared, they looked ready, we felt we wanted to be that type of team, they dealt with the game well.

“It was a sticky first-half, a lot of stoppages but we dealt with the threats, our passing and movement was very good. I’ve got to be happy but we shouldn’t be conceding two goals at that stage of the game and we’ll have to be right on our game against the States.

“It’s a great start but we’re going to have to be better.”

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