Jamie Carragher tells Kate Abdo ‘better his than yours’ after on-air nip-slip

Jamie Carragher left Kate Abdo blushing during their Champions League coverage after poking fun at a colleague's nip-slip – and saying it's a good job it wasn't hers.

The former Liverpool defender, alongside Micah Richards and Thierry Henry, had some Valentine's Day gifts brought in for their host by a statistician colleague.

The CBS Sports trio then burst into laughter as their special guest entered the studio in an outfit that was far more revealing that Abdo might've expected.

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Having welcomed back viewers after 104 days without Champions League coverage, Abdo joked she was the envy of women all over the world while spending her Valentine's Day with the aforementioned trio.

The pundits then offered up the former Sky Sports presenter some gifts, with Carragher saying and Richards agreeing: "You should not be left alone on Valentine's night. This shouldn't be happening should it! It's not right."

Joking that they couldn't find the man with whom she shared her first kiss, out came stats man 'Toddy' who was dressed as Cupid in a toga – with one nipple showing.

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Having been asked to cover her eyes, Toddy entered with gifts including a Louis Vuitton bag, with Abdo immediately saying: "His nipple is out?"

Having burst into laughter, Carragher hit back with: "It's better his is out than yours!" to leave Richards bowing his head in disbelief.

Having been quiet, Henry poked fun at the nip-slip by saying: "I nearly lost my eyesight!"

Abdo began opening her gifts before being told to move on by producers, with the team going on to watch AC Milan vs Tottenham and PSG vs Bayern.

The laid-back style of punditry has led to similar fits of laughter in the past, with one particularly audacious Richards suit leaving to a brutal Abdo joke.

She said back in October: "How was the boat race?" To which he replied with Henry and Carragher in stitches: "“Woah, come on."


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