Juan Cuadrado leads fury over suspect last gasp goal in Colombia

Juan Cuadrado leads fury over suspect last-gasp goal that confirmed Colombian second division side’s promotion to the top-flight as he slams the ‘lack of respect’ shown to the sport as defenders stop dead and BACK AWAY to allow the crucial strike

  • Juventus winger Juan Cuadrado has slammed a highly suspect goal in Colombia
  • Union Magdalena won promotion with a 96th-minute goal against Llaneros
  • Llaneros players backed away and appeared to allow Magdalena to score
  • Colombia international Matheus Uribe described the goal as an ’embarrassment’ 

Juventus winger Juan Cuadrado has joined his fellow countrymen in lashing out after Union Magdalena won promotion to the Colombian second division with a highly suspect goal.

Magdalena were visiting Llaneros on Saturday and trailing 1-0 until the 95th minute when they scored twice in two minutes.

In the second goal, Llaneros players backed away from their opponents and appeared to allow them to score.

Union Magdalena won promotion to Colombia’s top flight with this highly suspect goal

Llaneros defenders were completely passive as Magdalena attacked deep in stoppage time 

One defender allows a Magdalena forward to beat him in the area and makes no attempt to stop him before the player goes wide, with the Llaneros goalkeeper coming far from his goal and leaving it unattended.

The forward then squares for Jonathan Segura, who is allowed to stroll past two passive defenders and slot into the unguarded net.

Juventus winger Cuadrado took to Twitter to express his dismay at the game, describing the goal as a ‘lack of respect’.

His international team-mate Matheus Uribe, of Porto, replied by calling the goal ‘an embarrassment for Colombian football’. 

Neither of the clubs responded immediately to requests for comment, although Unión Magdalena tweeted the result was for ‘those who think anything is possible’. 

The Llaneros goalkeeper ran towards a Magdalena winger, leaving his goal unattended

Juventus winger Juan Cuadrado led a stream of fury about the goal from Colombian players

The Colombian football players’ association has called for an investigation into the result, which meant that Magdalena were promoted at the expense of Fortaleza, who lost 2-1 at home to Bogota. 

‘Given the cloak of doubt that the result of the match between @ClubLlanerosFC and @UnionMagdalena has generated, we ask the disciplinary commission of the @Dimayor to carry out a rigorous investigation as soon as possible,’ the professional footballers’ association ACOLFUTPRO said in a tweet.  

Fortaleza coach Nelson Florez broke down in tears at the post-match press conference. While admitting they had not done their part by winning, he nevertheless questioned the outcome.

‘I am not ashamed to cry, because I feel robbed,’ he said. ‘We can lose, but not this way.’

Cuadrado said the goal was ‘a lack of respect’ while Porto striker Matheus Uribe said it was ‘an embarrassment for Colombian football’

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