Man City share HILARIOUS 1990s-style AI-generated images of players

Man City share AI-generated images of players in a ‘back to the 90s’ style… while fans think Erling Haaland ‘looks like the villain in high-school movies’, others think Jack Grealish has transformed into David Beckham!

  • Fans made up plotlines in the comments for the various footballer lookalikes
  • Many thought Erling Haaland’s likeness resembled a high school movie menace
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Manchester City have released a set of AI-generated photos in a 1990s style – and they’ve left fans in hysterics. 

The images show seven players and Pep Guardiola kitted out in gear from the decade with throwback haircuts.

Erling Haaland was the subject of many comments thanks to his quiff and mullet, with plenty of fans suggesting he looked like an American high school movie bully. 

Building on that theme, others saw the funny side in suggesting that Haaland’s likeness would give Julian Alvarez wedgies.  

Kyle Walker was revamped with a curly haircut and rocked a pair of shades and a blue jacket as his AI character attempted to look cool.

Manchester City fans thought Erling Haaland’s AI likeness looked like an American high school movie bully

It was bad news for the freshly mullet-ed Julian Alvarez, who fans thought Haaland would give a wedgie!

Kyle Walker became the coolest kid on the block with his pair of sunglasses and blue jacket

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Meanwhile, Jack Grealish sported a brown leather jacket and quiff and drew comparisons with David Beckham – a lookalike pairing which has been bandied around often but now has serious credibility with this new AI likeness. 

The major difference with Pep Guardiola was that he suddenly had a head full of plumage, but AI didn’t nail what he actually looked like when he was a player in the 1990s for Barcelona. The badge on his outfit looked vaguely like that of Manchester City. 

Donning a blue jumper and luscious parted locks on top, Kevin de Bruyne was compared by some commenters to Prince Harry – though their footballing ability is yet to be tested one-on-one. 

Bernardo Silva was rewarded the honour of looking rather snug, with enough hair to keep him warm for winter and a jumper. 

Finally, Phil Foden was gifted a more distinctive style, with a more modern haircut of skin-faded sides. 

One user commented: ‘Haaland looks like the average bully in American high school films’.

Another wrote: ‘Haaland looks like he bullies people into giving him lunch money’. 

The most liked comment got over 6,000 likes. ‘Haaland looks like he gives Alvarez Wedgies,’ it read. 

Jack Grealish’s character posed in a leather jacket and drew comparisons to David Beckham

Wearing a jumper of unidentified branding, Kevin de Bruyne was compared to Prince Harry

Is that supposed to be a Manchester City badge on Pep Guardiola’s jumper? 

Some commenters felt that Bernardo Silva resembled Gerard Pique – just with more hair

Phil Foden was the most modern-looking of the bunch, with a skin-fade accompanied by a bright blue tracksuit top

Commenters felt that Erling Haaland looked like a bully in American high school films

Another commented: ‘Grealish looks so much like Beckham lol’.

‘I think Grealish wins this one,’ wrote one user.  

One took a musical twist in writing: ‘Bernardo and Julián look like the Bee Gees or Modern Talking’.

Attempting to summarise the sentiment of the post, one penned: ‘What in the Riverdale is going on’, referring to the American TV series with teenage characters. 


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