Maradona's family to SUE his ex-manager Ceci over Napoli's new kit

Diego Maradona’s family to SUE his ex-manager Stefano Ceci after he allowed Napoli to use club legend’s imagery on celebratory kit ‘without their consent’

  • Diego Maradona died from a heart attack aged 60 on November 25, 2020
  • Napoli released a celebratory kit for Maradona to be worn in Serie A this month
  • However, the Italian outfit reportedly did so with the consent of Stefano Ceci
  • Ceci was Maradona’s ex-manager and Maradona’s family are unhappy he did so
  • They claim that they hold the rights for the Argentina legend now and not Ceci 

The family of Diego Maradona are taking legal action against his former manager Stefano Ceci after he gave Napoli permission to use the Argentina legend’s imagery on their new kit, without their say-so.

Last week, Napoli unveiled a new kit that they will wear in Serie A to pay tribute to Maradona, one year after his death.

Maradona died from a heart attack in Tigre, Argentina, on November 25, 2020, aged just 60. And to mark the occasion this month, the Serie A outfit released a new shirt paying homage to their greatest-ever player.

Diego Maradona Junior (left) says their family are taking legal action their dad’s old manager

Diego Maradona senior (left) with his old manager Stefano Ceci before the former’s death

Napoli released a kit celebrating Maradona Snr – which will be worn in Serie A this month

The shirt made its debut during Sunday’s 1-1 home draw with Hellas Verona and will also be worn at Inter Milan on November 21 and at home against Lazio a week later.

However, Napoli’s new jersey shouldn’t have been granted without the consent of Maradona’s family who hold his image rights, according to his son Diego Maradona Junior.

Maradona Jr claims that the Italian outfit were wrongfully given the go-ahead by his father’s former manager Ceci and as a result they’re looking to sue the latter.

‘The authorization was signed by Stefano Ceci, who was my dad’s manager, but now he is no longer and we heirs are the only deputies to sign this type of authorisation,’ he told Italian outfit Adnkronos.

‘A contract that no longer exists has been found to be valid and we will therefore take legal action. It is strange that a serious club like football Napoli has given credit to this person.

‘The shirt in honour of father is a source of pride but I am sorry for the lack of consideration on the part of Napoli, we legitimate heirs have not been involved and have never given consent to this operation’.

Maradona’s family claim they hold the image rights for their father and not Ceci so Napoli should have asked them for consent for the kit rather than his former manager

Ceci, Maradona’s long-time friend and former manager, was born and raised in Naples. He grew up idolising Maradona, who inspired Napoli to their only two Serie A titles and UEFA Cup triumph, and dreamed of working with the footballing great – before realising that opportunity.

Their bond became so strong that Maradona employed him as his manager.

The 48-year-old in recent years has lived between Catanzaro Lido, Naples and Palm Jumeirah, Maradona’s residence in Dubai – further underlining their bond.

Maradona became a club icon at Napoli after helping them to the Scudetto twice in his career

Maradona is therefore idolised in the southern Italian city of Naples and seen as a virtual deity

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