Matt Le Tissier "sleeps well at night" now hes free from Sky "propaganda"

Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier aired his contentious views once again by accusing news channel Sky of "pumping out propaganda".

The former Saints captain has repeatedly provoked controversy with his eyebrow raising views on various societal matters. Le Tissier has previously said he believes "actors" were masquerading as Coronavirus patients, while also claiming various images from the harrowing invasion of Ukraine by Russia were "falsified".

Since he began publicising his views on Twitter and various interviews, Le Tissier has been dismissed from his punditry role with Sky Sports News and also stepped down from his ambassadorial role with Southampton. But the former England international said he wouldn't change anything from the last two years.

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"I feel a lot better, I sleep very well at night," Le Tissier said to the Rob Moore podcast. "I think for the last six months of working at Sky, I felt a bit uncomfortable working there quite frankly.

"Given what their news channel was pumping out the whole time, with the propaganda. I feel very happy in my life, very free, and if I had to do the same again, knowing the consequences, knowing the stick that I took for the decisions I made to speak out, then I would still speak out again."

Alongside fellow co-presenters Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson, Le Tissier was sacked by the channel the summer of 2020. The 53-year-old has previously highlighted his belief that his social media posts and activities were the main reason why he was shown the door by Sky.

He has also slammed his critics as being "morally bankrupt", while he has also accused former England international Gary Lineker of going "out of way to dig me out". And he once again labelled his fiercest opponents as "morally bankrupt" before claiming he is indifferent to the various comments hurled in his direction.

"I deal with it by not really giving a s***, if I'm quite honest," Le Tissier said to the Rob Moore podcast. "Quite frankly, the people that were criticising me are not worth my time to think about.

"I think a lot of them are morally bankrupt people and I wouldn't give them the pleasure of thinking they're getting to me in some way shape or form, because they certainly don't."


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