Meet Orel Butchers – Russian hooligans who targeted England fans at Euro 2016

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When picturing 'ultra groups', the barra brava's of Boca Juniors, the left-wing stance of St Pauli, and the Delije of Red Star Belgrade often come to mind.

It's not often that people picture Oryol, a provincial Russian town that was the home to Ivan the Terrible, and the current home of a football team in the Russian amateur leagues: FC Oryol.

However, their devoted supporters – named the 'Orel Butchers' – made a name for themselves during Euro 2016 – when they claimed responsibility for the attack on English fans in Marseille.

They shot to fame thanks to the BBC Panorama documentary called 'The secret world of Russia football hooligans' ahead of the 2018 World Cup.

The Butchers were recognisable in France and their shirts read: "Storm over Europe. Tour de France. F**k Euro 2016."

And they're not a usual hooligan group: they practice paramilitary techniques, and urban warfare – explaining their attacks in the streets of Marseille.

Before they announced themselves to Europe in 2016, they had been long since notorious in their home country.

They have strong nationalist sentiments, and – during their formative years – the group even released their own magazine entitled 'Testosterone'.

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The Butchers will be behind their native Russia for Euro 2020 – and they kick off their campaign the highly fancied Belgium in Saint Petersburg on Saturday.

They will be hoping to recapture their 2018 form, when they dispatched Spain in the round of 16.

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