Most dangerous Euro hooligans from Russia’s ‘killer’ to thugs who stab buttocks

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Supporters attending fixtures at Euro 2020 will need to be aware of their surroundings with previous tournaments in both 2012 and 2016 being marred by scenes of violence.

While as many as 183 arrests were made in 2012 after Russia fans were spotted fighting their Polish counterparts, Warsaw police were reported to utilise both water canons and rubber bullets.

Four years later in France, England fans were involved with the authorities in Marseille, with tear gas used to break up the crowds and dozens left injured in the unwelcome clashes.

Ahead of the continent wide Euro 2020 which begins on Friday, Daily Star Sport have taken a look at some of the notorious hooligans during the last 10 years of European football.

Russia's Vasily ‘the Killer’

Having held the title of Russia's most feared football hooligan, lifelong Spartak Moscow fan and founder member of the Spartak Gladiators firm, Vasily, distanced himself from planned attacks in 2016.

Having been feared across Europe for his brutality, the veteran hooligan had been spotted wearing MMA gloves and a gumshield to fixtures to maximise fighting efficiency.

He also held the terrifying nickname of "the killer".

Following violence in Marseille back in 2016, the Daily Star reported that he left calling cards with stark warnings to England supporters – who he had been targeting.

He said: "Fighting is like some kind of sport. History is very important to me. I personally have more respect for movements which have more depth in them – on top of the support of their favourite club or city.

"As long as they stand for their country, historical and moral values, they have my respect.

"I don’t give a s*** how good their performance is in the stadium."

His explanation for focusing his attacks on English fans was simple: "It is more important to beat hooligans with pride, passion and history."

A month after those troubles, Vasily responded to the Daily Star to laugh off any involvement in Marseille, but to look forward to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

He said in the video: "I was never in Marseille and my opinion is based solely from the fact that I watched TV and read our foreign press.

"What else could happen? Heat, beer, city is full of d***heads from Leeds, Norwich and London.

"It was just a drunken rabble crowd of ignorant chicken s*** with English flags. Our guys were insulted by Anglo-Saxons.

"Those British animals were showing them a naked ass, screaming and basically for this they got f*****. The strength of Russian spirit prevails the strength spirit of Europeans today."

In 2018, he claimed he was reformed and that he would even offer to protect England fans, reports The Sun, adding that he had never taken a life or been convicted of any criminal offence.

Slovakian threats

Ahead of England's final group game against Slovakia at Euro 2016, talk of violence had threatened to ruin the usual joy of the tournament as the Three Lions scraped through to the last 16.

One member of a Slovakian fan group had promised to "finish" England supporters at the tournament, insisting that they had their eyes on the final fixture.

As reported by the Daily Star in 2016, a fan of slavic side FC Nitra posted on a fan site: "The big game is England. It could be our last. We will finish them."

Following the tournament, England begun their 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign in what turned about to be the only international fixture overseen by Sam Allardyce.

In the capital city of Bratislava, the Sun reported that at least six British citizens had been arrested and one stabbed – with fights reported to be between 200 England fans.

With their fixtures coming against Poland, Sweden and Spain, local police will be hopeful of another peaceful celebration from Slovakia in 2021.

Poland firms

Another team that will look to bring a vocal support to the tournament is Poland, who had a large scale clash with rivals Russia during their joint-hosted Euro 2012 outing.

Further incidents came in Marseille in 2016, with their 2020 group stage fixtures coming against Slovakia in Saint Petersburg, Spain in Seville and Sweden back in Russia.

Following the reports of Manchester United fans getting injured following an attack by locals in Gdansk, local police might be keeping a keen eye on their supporters this summer.

A statement from United read: "Club staff were assisting a number of United fans in Gdansk last night and today after an incident where some of our supporters were attacked outside a bar in the city."

Buttock stabbing in Rome

Back in 2009, BBC News reported of a string of fans being stabbed in the buttocks in Rome.

Ahead of the Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona, knife attacks in the Italian capital included stabbing in the backside.

Although they might not have been life threatening, the attacks would've been extremely painful, and could've been used as a way of humiliating the victim.

Football writer Gabriele Marcotti said at the time when comparing the attacks to medieval duels: "In the duels the first person to draw blood from their opponent was the winner.

"Because they fought facing each other, drawing blood by stabbing your opponent's buttocks was considered a great skill."

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