Mystic meerkats who have predicted Englands Euros success back Lionesses to win

A group of "mystic" meerkats – who have correctly predicted the England Women's Euros match results – insist the Lionesses will win Sunday's final.

The animals have already said both the team would win their quarter and semi-final results of the 2022 games. Now the meerkats at Drusillas Park in Sussex say football is coming home on Sunday against Germany. Using two buckets of treats – each with a team's flag on – the meerkats were offered a choice of which bucket they would like to snack from. The one surrounded by the most meerkats is declared the predicted winner.

The activity is part of the zoo's enrichment programme, which ensures all the animals enjoy a diverse diet in "imaginative and unusual ways". The activities encourage the animals to think and work for their food as they would in the wild – and it has now become a bit of a tradition at Drusillas.

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The mystic meerkats have previously been good luck charms for fans for Euro 2020 with their adorable prediction method. Just a few weeks ago they were even invited onto Heart FM with Jamie Theakston and Zoe Hardman to make a comeback and predict the quarter-finals – which they got spot on. And when keepers asked the excitable meerkats to predict the semi-final against Sweden, their predictions were once again faultless.

Zoo Keeper Jacinta Dawe said: "Our team have been so impressed by England's performances and team spirit, so it's been great to get behind the squad and show our support. "Although we wish both teams luck on Sunday – it would be incredible for The Lionesses to win as the meerkats have predicted!"

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Jacinta continued: "The mystic mob seem to be loving reigniting their psychic powers and now get excited when they see me arrive with the buckets and flags. "The mob's matriarch, Tamu, is always first to the buckets letting everyone know what to do, and even our baby is joining in which is so lovely to watch!"

The mystic meerkats are backing The Lionesses and seem sure that the football really is coming home – they have shown no signs of being wrong yet so all eyes will be on the final on Sunday at Wembley stadium.


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