Neymar has 'exiled himself' by jetting back to Brazil

Neymar has ‘exiled himself’ by jetting back to Brazil along with PSG team-mate Thiago Silva due to escalating coronavirus chaos in France

  • Neymar has gone back to Brazil with coronavirus situation worse in France
  • Brazil currently has four deaths from the illness compared with France’s 264 
  • PSG forward left right before the country went into lockdown with no flights 
  • Team-mate and compatriot Thiago Silva joined him in heading back to Brazil  
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Neymar has ‘exiled himself’ in his native Brazil, fleeing Paris before the city was put on lockdown due to coronavirus. 

The forward took a flight home from France as all football and sporting activity is suspended in the country. 

According to ESPN and Le Parisien, Neymar ‘exiled himself’ due to the ‘anxiety-inducing situation’ unfolding in Europe and is in self-isolation. 

Neymar has jetted home to Brazil from France as the coronavirus situation is worse in Europe 

The 28-year-old’s decision could be a wise one considering the contrasting situations in both countries. 

France has 9,134 cases and 264 deaths from the illness causing havoc around the world.  

French president Emmanuel Macron has ordered a ‘severe restriction of movement on the streets’.  

Brazil is an an early stage of contagion with 529 cases and four deaths.  

Paris is eerily quiet as the government have placed severe restrictions on movement 

All football and sporting activity in France has been called off for the foreseeable future

Neymar recently posted this message on Instagram to remind people of their responsibility

Earlier in the week, Neymar posted on Instagram to encourage people to follow the medical guidelines and remain isolated. 

He shared a simple poster which read: ‘The virus doesn’t move around, people do’, including the caption: ‘Follow the recommendations!’ 

Neymar was not the only PSG star to head back to Brazil as Thiago Silva joined him in making a swift escape. 

His wife Isabelle wrote on Instagram: ‘The virus is everywhere. My husband is waiting on a notice to start working again. We are sad about all this right now but we believe that all this will pass soon.’

Not all of PSG’s Brazilian contingent opted to head home. Marquinhos is understood to have remained in France where the majority of the squad have stayed.  

Thiago Silva is another of PSG’s Brazilian players to have flown home for the time being 

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