NY Red Bulls star Yearwood branded a***hole for kicking ball at girls face

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English New York Red Bulls star Dru Yearwood has been criticised for kicking a ball into the crowd and hitting a young fan in the face.

It came right at the end of their 2-0 defeat to Philadelphia Union at home at the Red Bull Arena. The Red Bulls were in need of a win to take them the top of the table but suffered defeat instead.

And Yearwood did not take the loss very well with seconds left in the match, smashing the ball with venom into the crowd.

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However, the ball leathered an unfortunate fan in the stands, just metres away, who appeared to be a young girl.

The 22-year-old realised his error straight away, jumping into the stands to try and apologise but a nearby fan refused the midfielder from approaching any nearer, telling him to leave and throwing a scarf at him.

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As he returned to the pitch, he was met with "a***hole" chants from his own supporters before he was sent off shortly after. After the match, Yearwood was remorseful and released a statement.

He said: "I want to apologise from the bottom of my heart to the fans who were hit by the ball I kicked at Saturday's match.

"My emotions got the best of me on this day, and I've let down the entire organisation and every single New York Red Bulls fan. I hope the fans are OK and that they can forgive me."

Red Bulls also issued their own response, saying: "The safety of everyone that attends our events at Red Bull Arena is of utmost importance to our organisation.

"Dru is incredibly remorseful and knows his actions were inexcusable. We will take measures to discourage this from occurring again.

"We, along with Dru, will continue to stay in contact with the families to check on their well-being."


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