Premier League considering VAR – would affect Liverpool, Arsenal and Man Utd

Football lawmakers are looking to adapt the use of VAR in the Premier League to help improve the unpopular system, according to reports.

VAR has gone down like a lead balloon since its inception this season, with football fans complaining of a lack of clarity during the decision-making process as well as long waiting times.

According to Sky Sports, lawmakers are looking into ways to improve VAR and are considering making the decision-making process audible within the stadium.

This would enable supporters to hear the conversation between the team of referees watching the various replays from screens in Stockley Park and the match official.

A similar system is already in place for intentional Rugby Union fixtures, and football lawmakers are hopeful this could help explain dubious decisions in greater detail to reduce fan-frustration and disappointment.

Ex-referee David Elleray recently gave his opinion on how VAR has been implemented so far this campaign, and admitted improvements need to be made.

Elleray told Sky Sports News: "I think most people would say that it hasn't been a howling success [in English football].

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