Premier League fans won’t see controversial VAR decisions being made this season

Fans of Premier League football will no longer have to endure the agonising wait time after putting the ball in the back of the net to find out if the goal is confirmed.

There has been some controversial decisions made by referees in the previous 12 months, with criticism from supporters for the constant unnecessary interference for perfectly legitmate goals.

Patrick Bamford was disallowed last season for pointing his arm where he wanted the ball playing against Crystal Palace.

Wolves were punished against Fulham for Daniel podence's shoulder not being in-line with the last defender.

And Jordan Henderson had his dramatic late winner against Everton cancelled for… well we're still not quite sure actually.

But this is all to change, with the Premier League set to adapt the way that offsides are judged ahead of the new 21/22 season, which kicks off in three weeks time.

The Athletic report that the governing body is to introduce thicker lines to help the video assistant referee rule on offside decisions:

"The clunky process of calibrating lines will no longer be shown, a step initially taken to increase transparency, with the final, thicker lines presenting a clearer picture from the outset."

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This seems to be a clever move from the Premier League; the thin lines were a constant source of ridicule from fans, players and pundits with tight offside decisions seemingly occuring every week.

The thicker displays should highlight a clearer, more straightforward outcome, making decision times much quicker due to a larger margin of error.

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