Premier League ruling could deny Liverpool title at crisis meeting

Liverpool could discover their fate during a meeting between Premier League chiefs on Thursday in which all clubs in the division are expected to decide on what should happen amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Reds were 25 points clear at the top of the table and were closing in on their first top flight title in 30 years when the Premier League was suspended on Friday due to fears over the COVID-19 virus spreading.

At the moment all play has been suspended until April 4 at the earliest, but the reality is that it could be months until another ball is kicked.

And according to the Evening Standard the Premier League may need to take a vote from clubs on whether to scrap the league altogether.

Premier League rules state that a majority of 14 clubs must agree in order for any new legislation to be passed.

The rule, as set out on the Premier League website, reads: "Clubs have the opportunity to propose new rules or amendments at the Shareholder meeting. Each Member Club is entitled to one vote and all rule changes and major commercial contracts require the support of at least a two-thirds vote, or 14 clubs, to be agreed."

There are a number of ideas which have already been proposed, such as postponing Euro 2020 until next year and finishing the current season in the summer, or finishing the league with the positions as they are, meaning Liverpool would be crowned champions.

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