Ronaldo’s mum claims Cristiano Jr is better at his age than Man Utd icon was

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum has admitted her grandson Cristiano Jr. is a better footballer than his dad was at a similar age.

The 11-year-old currently plays for the Manchester United's academy, following in Ronaldo’s footsteps after the legendary forward signed a two-year contract with the Old Trafford club this summer.

Ronaldo, 36, moved to United in 2003 as a teenager before going on to become a Ballon d’Or winner in 2008, eventually leaving to play for Real Madrid and Juventus before making his long-awaited return.

And his mum Dolores Aveiro has insisted her grandson is ahead of his dad in his development due to the coaching he has received.

Speaking on a podcast, Dolores revealed: "At his age, he plays better than Ronaldo. At that age, Ronaldo didn't have a coach but today Ronaldo is his son's teacher.”

Dolores also insisted that she wants Ronaldo and his son to both return to Sporting Lisbon and play in the side together at some point in the future.

She added: “"Ronaldo has to come back here. If it were my choice, he would already be here. He likes to watch Sporting games.

“I've already told him: ‘Son, before I die, I want to see you return to Sporting'. He says: 'Let's see': But if it can't be him, then Cristianinho!

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“He's already saying 'Dad, when we move to Lisbon I want to play for Sporting.

“Now he's starting out at Manchester [United]. Seeing the two of them together at Sporting was my dream, it would be spectacular.”

Cristiano Jr., Ronaldo’s eldest son, previously played at Juventus’ academy where he impressed coaches during the time his father won the Serie A golden boot.

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