Shameful footballers ‘beat up’ ref after red card – and threw him into a ravine

A group of shameful footballers 'beat up' a referee after he showed a red card before throwing him into a ravine.

The incident occurred last month at a match between Club Real Deportivo 1 de Mayo and Club Salvador in the city of Antofagasta, Chile. Things turned ugly after the referee had blown his whistle and sent off a player, prompting an enraged reaction from the amateur players, who attacked him with sticks and punches.

Having attacked the official, the players allegedly then picked him up and threw him into a nearby ravine, to the horror of fans in attendance at the match.

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Footage of the incident has since emerged, showing the referee laying on the ground at the bottom of the ravine and holding his head as players from both teams crowd around him.

Local media report that witness were left shocked by the attack and claimed some of the players "smelt of drink". The extent of the referee's injuries remain unknown.

The video of the incident has gone viral after being posted on social media. After watching the attack, Twitter users have called for the attackers to receive jail sentences for their actions.

One viewer commented: "A shame, this aggression exceeds all limits, those players should be sanctioned without a year of play to any team they want to join and you can't even enjoy football as a family, if they don't hit you, they shoot you that simple."

Another added: "They should suspend the matches in that place.” Meanwhile, a third wrote: "What a shame, jail those responsible and the absolute prohibition of playing in any formal league again."

One more also commented: "Apart from the formal complaint to the police and the investigation following as it should, the aggressors must be punished for life! #Antofagasta."

Another chimed in with: "And then they ask people to play more sports. What do you win?" Before one more user added: "If this happens to the referee who is supposed to be the authority on the field, what remains for the players and spectators? What a shame."


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