Steven Gerrard explains first piece of advice Jurgen Klopp gave him

Steven Gerrard admits a frank chat with current Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp helped him develop into the manager he is today.

Having formerly coached Liverpool's youngsters the former Reds skipper took charge of Rangers almost two years ago.

But the German told him to forget his reputation as a player and be prepared to get things "wildly wrong".

Klopp has won the Bundesliga title twice and surely soon the Premier League title so is a handy man to learn from.

“The best thing I ever did was to go away from the cameras in the beginning," Gerrard told UEFA's website .

"I had a real honest and open conversation with Jurgen Klopp for a couple of hours and the advice he gave me was: ‘Don’t go into this as Steven Gerrard with the name on your back.

"Go back to the beginning and strip it back like a car. Get your pitch confidence and get used to tactics and different formations. Try things, make mistakes and get it horribly, wildly wrong.

"Experiment and do all these things away from the camera but before you test yourself in the Europa League, before you test yourself in front of thousands and thousands of fans – put yourself in a better position before you go in there.

"Because I’ve seen tons of footballers with their names on their backs go in there and it doesn’t work.’

"That was the best bit of advice. I don’t think I will ever get a better piece of advice than that. Strip it right back and go back to the beginning.

"I have made mistakes over the last couple of years as Rangers manager but the trick is to learn from them.

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