Thomas Frank slams UEFA for 'crazy' international schedule

‘That is absolutely mental’: Brentford boss Thomas Frank slams UEFA for ‘crazy’ international schedule and calls on EFL and Premier League to follow the rest of Europe by reintroducing five substitutes

  • Brentford boss Thomas Frank aired his anger at UEFA’s international schedule
  • Frank wants the EFL and Premier League to reintroduce the five subs rule
  • Other Leagues in Spain, France and Germany are all permitting five substitutes 
  • The Bees’ manager said his side will now play mid-week games until January 

Brentford boss Thomas Frank accused UEFA of subjecting players to an ‘absolutely mental’ football calendar before pleading with the Premier League and EFL to re-introduce five substitutes.

Thanks to an impressive run to the Carabao Cup quarter finals, Frank claimed Brentford will now play midweek matches every week until January.

Even during international breaks many of their players are afforded little rest and after Tuesday night’s draw with Swansea, Frank branded UEFA’s scheduling nonsensical. 

Brentford boss Thomas Frank slammed UEFA’s international schedule as ‘absolutely mental’

The manager said that his side are now set to play midweek games every week until January

‘It’s crazy,’ he said. ‘I don’t know why the national teams are playing three games. I simply don’t understand how they can play a friendly. It makes no sense.

‘I don’t know what UEFA are thinking about – that is absolutely mental.’

Brentford’s squad is so stretched due to injuries that 17-year-old Fin Stevens was on the bench against Swansea despite having played for the club’s B team earlier on Tuesday.

The Bees were among the sides who wanted to keep five substitutions, a rule introduced to help teams cope with the logjam following the coronavirus lockdown.

Frank called on the EFL and Premier League to reintroduce the use of five substitutes rule

But they were out-voted and on Tuesday Frank asked: ‘Who is taking these decisions? They probably don’t understand the game.’

He added: ‘I hope the EFL and Premier League soon is going to change it and we’re going to have five subs. I think that’s crucial.

‘Spain have five subs, France, Germany, Holland, Turkey, Denmark – all the European leagues, national teams and then the country of mother football, we don’t.

‘The best league in the world, the Premier League, and the sixth best league in the world (Championship), the most relentless and physically challenging two leagues in the world don’t have five subs.’

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