Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho urges Troy Parrott to remain patient

‘You have to show your colleagues why you are the privileged one… I had exactly the same words with Scott McTominay’: Jose Mourinho urges Tottenham striker Troy Parrott to believe in his ‘process’ as he cites development of Manchester United star

  • Tottenham have a striker crisis with injuries to Heung-min Son and Harry Kane
  • Yet Jose Mourinho has opted not to start 18-year-old Troy Parrott up front 
  • The Spurs boss has compared Parrott’s development to Scott McTominay’s
  • Mourinho handed McTominay his debut in his first season at Manchester United

Jose Mourinho has urged Troy Parrott to follow the Scott McTominay route to becoming a Premier League first-team player.

Spurs manager Mourinho has given Parrott the same pep talk he gave McTominay before he blooded the Scottish midfielder in his first season in charge of Manchester United.

Mourinho may be resisting the clamour to play talented teenager Parrott as much as Tottenham’s supporters would like amid the club’s striker shortage but The Special One still believes the 18 year-old is The Privileged One because, unlike most players of his age on the club’s books, the Ireland wonderkid is part of the senior setup.

Jose Mourinho has so far resisted the urge to start Troy Parrott despite his striker shortage 

The 18-year-old did make an appearance on Sunday but only in second-half stoppage time 

Mourinho has held Parrott back believing he still has an ‘educational process’ to go through as a young player and has urged him to remain grounded while adapting to changes on and off the pitch, such as being away from his Dublin-based family and needing to mature ahead of his time in order to be part of a first-team dressing room.

The Portuguese, though, has been encouraged by what he has seen of late, not least in the example Parrott set in a scoring performance for Spurs’s Under 23s against Wolves on Monday, 24 hours after a Premier League substitutes appearance against the same opponents.

Mourinho said: ‘I told him before the [u23s] game, every time you play with the kids of your age, you have to show your colleagues why you are the privileged one.

‘I was not worried about scoring goals or not scoring goals. I was worried about attitude. What he can do. The way the other kids look at him. He has to go there and to show his attitude and professionalism and how privileged he is. He cannot go there with discontent – contempt.

The Irish striker scored for Tottenham Under 23s against Wolves Under 23s on Monday night

‘Every time he was playing with the kids, he was playing with the mentality of “I shouldn’t be here.” Or, “I am too good to be here.” Or, “It’s not here that I want to play.” And this is an educational process that comes.’ 

McTominay, who made his Premier League debut in May 2017 against Arsenal, went through the same one en-route to becoming a key player at Old Trafford.

Mourinho said: ‘I had exactly the same words with Scott McTominay. He was not loved in his age group because he was not with the right frame of mind.

‘The moment we started changing that, lots of things started changing for him. And every time he was going to the team, he was the best in everything – attitude, character.

Mourinho has compared the situation to when he blooded Scott McTominay at Manchester Utd

‘This is the way you work with kids and if, in these generations, kids, they have things too easy in life, I think it’s part of the education to also see the other side.

‘I think Troy will come even stronger and stronger when everything happens step by step. And not immediately. Because he is not ready for immediately. So it is a process.

‘If he plays [against Norwich] and he scores the winning goal, and he is the back page of your newspapers, nothing changes. The next week he goes again to play for the U23s. Everything is a process.’ 

The Spurs boss has opted not to play Parrott despite injuries to Heung-min Son and Harry Kane

Mourinho is attempting to handle Parrott’s development with caution at a time when injuries to Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son have led to the obvious question being asked by supporters increasingly often and louder – why isn’t the highly-rated young academy striker being picked?

Mourinho said: ‘This is a world where lots of people, they don’t even know if Troy has long hair or short hair. Or is blond or is dark.

‘They don’t even know that and speak about: “Troy, Troy, Troy, Troy, he should play.” There was a guy behind me on the bench the other day: “Play Troy, play Troy.” I don’t think he knows Troy.’

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