Wanda Nara denies affair with Icardis ex-Inter Milan teammate during court case

Mauro Icardi's wife Wanda Nara has denied having an affair with the Argentine's former Inter Milan team-mate Marcelo Brozovic after delivering a statement during her court case against a journalist.

The couple got together off the back of a relationship that Nara had with Icardi's former team-mate Maxi Lopez. She was married to Lopez when her and Icardi got together, and although Icardi left Italy in 2019 to join Paris Saint Germain, Nara has been in a legal battle with journalist Fabrizio Corona ever since.

Corona's story claimed that Nara had an affair with Brozovic while Icardi was at Inter, and it has since been revealed that the Argentine felt 'forced' to leave Italy. But Nara has spoken out about the false allegations and the damage caused in court.

Nara spoke in court on Wednesday and said: "I never had a relationship with Marcelo Brozovic. We are a traditional family and this story caused us problems, both within the family and outside.

"My children went to school and they were bullied, it caused problems for my husband and for me, seeing as I am his agent. Nothing in the story is true."

Icardi was thriving at Inter but left on Deadline Day in September 2019 to join PSG on loan, with an obligation to buy which was later triggered. And Nara added: "That story started all the problems and Mauro was forced to change club.

"Inter really made this situation weigh on him. They told him he had to move on, he had to change agent, they took away the captain’s armband and I don’t think it was due to his performances on the pitch. This whole thing caused huge issues with the club and directors."

Icardi and Nara have been posting regular relationship updates to their social media in recent months, as the pair have both split up and then got back together on multiple occasions. Instagram has been their usual platform to inform their fans and followers, as the case has clearly taken a toll.

The PSG star reportedly still lives with Nara, and the children that she had with former partner Lopez. The pair also have had two children together since marrying in 2014.

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