Wayne Rooney recalls eating McDonald’s before a game with Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has recalled taking Cristiano Ronaldo to McDonald's the night before a game – because the Portuguese star "wanted a Big Mac".

Rooney and Ronaldo struck up a close relationship on and off the pitch at Old Trafford as they fired the Red Devils to three straight Premier League titles.

But Ronaldo took some time to adjust to the Premier League as he transformed his physique after arriving as a lightweight teenager.

Whilst he is considered a prime example of one of the world's greatest athletes, Rooney has recalled how he went against nutritional advice in a bid for a quick-fix as he turned to the occasional fast food meal to gain weight fast.

That even included turning to team-mate Rooney to take him to the drive-thru the night before a game for the Red Devils.

Writing in his new column for the Sunday Times , Rooney recalled: "With Cristiano, when I first got to United we used to go to games and training together. I remember the night before a game stopping off at McDonald's because he wanted a Big Mac.

"He was trying to put weight on because he was so thin. I was driving the car, having to go through the drive-through to get him a Big Mac."

Ronaldo has seemingly left the Big Mac behind as he lives with a strict diet regime to maintain his shredded physique.

He recently discussed his diet in an interview with YouTube channel ChrisMD, revealing his cheat meal nowadays is the occasional pizza with his son.

"The key is to take care of your body, train, do your recovery and eat properly," Ronaldo said.

"Although sometimes I do eat pizza with my son otherwise it would be boring."

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