YouTuber JaackMaate wishes he could turn off fame at "hostile" West Ham games

YouTube star and die-hard West Ham fan JaackMaate says he wishes he could turn off his fame at Hammers games as it can sometimes get “quite hostile”.

The podcaster and presenter, whose real name is Jack Dean, told the Daily Star: “I love West Ham, the club and the fans. But there are certain groups of people who don't like me for whatever reason, whether it’s working with the club that I love… some fans disagree and say I don't deserve that platform.”

Jack, who has two West Ham tattoos and was even inked by Jesse Lingard after he bagged nine goals during his loan spell at the club, has religiously followed the East London side since he was a kid.

He explained: “I might be a known person, but I’ve been a West Ham fan way before all of that came.

“I wish at football games I could just be a West Ham fan like everyone else and not be someone people dislike.”

Jack’s football interest goes beyond West Ham and he was previously involved in trying to hire Gary Lineker for a Brew City beer campaign.

But despite the company’s offer the MOTD presenter couldn’t be drawn away from Walkers crisps and Jack has instead opened up the dream job – making 30k a year to drink beer and eat cheese – to anybody named Gary.

Although the YouTuber says he struggles with the way the public perceives him, he does love meeting fans.

He continued: “90 percent of people are lovely. Every day I’m getting a little ego tickle and who wouldn't love that?

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“Some people will just see me in the street and think I'm a p***k and that's not fair as you wouldn’t do that to anyone else. If you have something to say – positive or negative – come and have a chat and I hope we’ll leave as friends.

"But the positives do far outweigh the negatives so I’m not going to do a Molly Mae and sit here and go, 'the struggle is real folks'. It’s an absolute breeze and I live a very blessed lifestyle."

If you’re lucky enough to be called Gary, you can apply for the dream Brew City job on their Instagram here.

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