Emma Raducanu victim of her own success as she cannot book tennis court to train

Emma Raducanu 's exploits at the US Open have inspired a swathe of budding tennis players to pick up a racket – but it's had an unfortunate side-effect for the teenage star.

The 18-year-old is back in the UK, and enjoyed an emotional reunion with her family as she posed for photos with her dad Ion outside their home in a Bromley cul-de-sac.

But she's struggling to find a space where she can work on her game as all her local tennis courts are fully booked.

She told Good Morning Britain she had found it difficult to find a venue to practise since returning from across the pond, after which host Kata Garraway jokingly asked: "Can't you just turn up and say: 'I'm Emma Raducanu. Give me the court!' Surely everybody has to hand it over?"

After Raducanu laughed and shook her head, Garraway continued: "Well one thing you know is that you have made [tennis] very, very popular. I'm sure you can be pleased with that."

The teenager is now 23rd in the world rankings, shooting up 127 places courtesy of her magnificent performances at Flushing Meadows.

As well as a rankings boost and a first Grand Slam trophy, her victory over Canada's Leylah Fernandez in the final also netted the 18-year-old a cool £1.8m in prize money.

Most teens would have already come up with details plans of how they would splash that cash, but Raducanu said she hasn't even checked her bank balance to see if the money has been paid yet.

And even when she does have it in her account, the Briton said she would leave the finances to her currency trader parents and just focus on her tennis.

"I haven’t bought anything yet," she said.

"I know that tennis is a very expensive sport, from when I’ve travelled at a young age there are a lot of expenses so it will probably go towards that.

"I don’t really think of the money side of it, I just love competing.

"I haven’t logged on [to see the bank balance], I haven’t done anything. I’ve just been at home or been in the moment, I haven’t even thought about that to be honest."

Still, the financially-savvy family is tipped to cash in on Raducanu's newfound stardom, and have already applied to trademark her name.

She already has one business in her name, which was registered with Companies House in February 2020, and is expected to make a fortune as advertisers clamour over one of the most marketable athletes on the planet.

Raducanu's next outing on the court may well be at the Transylvania Open in October, which will take place in Romania close to where her paternal grandmother lives in Bucharest.


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