Murray may need a third hip operation in tennis comeback

Andy Murray may need to have another operation as he continues his bid to return to top-level tennis.

The former world No.1 has not played a match since November's Davis Cup finals after being diagnosed with what was initially thought to be mild bone bruising.

Andy Murray may need further hip surgery.Credit:Getty Images

"It's been unbelievably complex," Murray said.

"At the Davis Cup I was diagnosed with this bone bruise on the pubis, which was mild and obviously not a big deal, but they can sort of niggle on if they are not handled properly.

"I started practising again a few days ago. I've been doing some running and just trying to build up to see what happens.

"When people have these [hip resurfacing] operations, there is something called heterotopic ossification, which is basically like bone growing outside of the normal skeleton, so it grows in soft tissues.

"So what I need to do just now is build up in these next couple of weeks to really test it.

"Hopefully it responds fine. But, if it doesn't, then I need to potentially have that removed."

Murray had his second hip operation at the end of January 2019, so he is optimistic this latest period of uncertainty will not last too much longer.

"I would hope I should know by the end of next month whether I'm good to play or not with it," he said.

Although the prospect of yet more surgery is certainly not ideal, Murray was far from downbeat and remains optimistic about his chances of playing in the biggest events.

Being fit for Wimbledon will surely be his main goal.

"I want to get back to playing in the slams. That's what excites me and interests me. There is no reason why I can't," he said.


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